Website Design and Development

The clock is ticking! Did you know that you have less than 6 seconds to get a visitor's attention before they leave your website.

Our job is not only to help you keep those visitors, but to convert them into customers.

Instead of builing another basic and boring site, let us build you a modern and exciting website that turns heads. By joining forces with Omatic Web Solutions, you bring onboard an experienced team of web developers, graphic designers, Search Engine Optimization specialist, and media marketing professionals able to help you fully realize your business goals in the online world.

Our 6 step process is designed to give you the greatest chance of online success.

Step 1 Analysis

The first step is for us to understand your unique needs in a website. We aim to understand your goals, whether ecommerce or simply making a statement on the web. Understanding who your target visitor is, helps us design a package that is custom tailored to you.

Step 2 Design

Working with you, our team designs a website layout for your approval. These layout examples give you the chance to preview our vision for your website and make changes and adjustments as you see fit. This gives you the chance to be involved each step of the way, bringing your vision to reality.

Step 3 Development

With the layouts approved and the analysis in mind, our developers put it all together.

Step 4 Testing

After development is complete, we begin a series of testing to ensure everything is working correctly. After our internal testing, your website will be placed on a demo server that only you can see. This gives you the chance to review and approve everything before the site goes live.

Step 5 Live Site

This is it, the day that we have been working together to make happen. At this time, we place your new website on a live server, making your business available to visitors in the online world.

Step 6 Maintenance

Just like any other complex machine, your website needs regular maintenance to keep working as effeciently as possible. During step 6, we continue to monitor, update, and backup your website, so you can focus on growing and running your business.

Frequently asked question about Website Development

1) How long will it take to develop my website?

Answer: Predicting the time it takes to develop a website is a difficult question to answer because of all the possible variables. Things that may inpact the timeline, range from the size, complexity, and functionality of your site to things like material submissions. As a broad estimate, smaller websites generally take 2-4 weeks, while more complex projects may well run into 2-4 months.

2) How can I add pages and change things on my website after it is live?

Answer: Every website developed by Omatic Web Solutions is built on a Content Management Platform. A content management platform makes it easy for a user to log in and make basic page, text, and image changes. If you prefer us to manage your site, we have Hosting and Management plans that allow you to have a dedicated developer assigned to make changes to your site upon request.

3) How can I tell if my new site is successful?

Answer: Because to measure the success of your site you will need information, all of our sites come with integrated Google Analyctics. Google Analytics allows you to track visitors and visitor behavior while they are on your site. Google Analytics also allows you to see acquisition data, showing you where your visitors are coming from. Free training on Google Analytics is included as well as available monthly reports prepared by us showing your traffic.

4) Can I get a consultation to discuss my goals?

Answer: Yes, we would love the opportunity to meet with you and answer all of your questions.

5) All this sounds great, how do I get started?

Answer: By filling out our contact form, our team will reach out to you to schedule a consultation, either in person or online.